Pacer Fitout

These photos show examples of how to fit out and rig a Pacer.

There are more fitout photos in the Gallery.


This photo shows an end boom purchase to provide an adjustable outhaul. The outhaul line runs inside the boom to an exit block and cleat near the other end of the boom.


In this photo is the mast step, attachment of the vang to the mast and spinnaker pole shockcord running down parallel to the mast and along the floor of the boat for increased length.


In this photo is the forestay attachment and towing ring. Instead of the forestay, the luff wire in the jib is tensioned to support the jib luff.


In this photo is the gooseneck, attachment to mainsail tack, fixed pulley on mast for mainsail downhaul purchase and downhaul cleat.