Rigging a spinnaker


Dear Sailing Centre Principal / Instructor,

After competing in Pacer events, non-spinnaker sailors were able to see that a Pacer, equipped with a spinnaker, is transformed into an exhilarating and competitive racing boat. 

Close and exciting competition is the result!

Several enquiries on “how to make the transition to a fully-fledged racing dinghy”, has led us to this:

The Pacer Association is seeking expressions of interest from Clubs / Training Centres / individuals who wish to participate in a demonstration of spinnaker rigging and operation.


This would simply be an on-the-beach session followed by questions and answers.

It is anticipated that this could occur during mornings at the beginning of the next sailing season and can be scheduled so as not to disrupt racing or sailing programs.

Perhaps interested parties could be grouped locally into a combined session. 

There will be no charge.

If you believe this will be of value, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

to register your interest.  A short message will be enough.

Pacer Association